The Fab Five 5 Heritage project Colette 24 Kilates Sneakersnstuff

Ellesse is trying to make a nice place in the sneaker range. The Italian brand has

launched the project "Fab 5", which involves several European stores: Colette in France, 24 Kilates in Spain, The Grand in Switzerland, Harvey Nichols

in London and Sneakersnstuff in Sweden; 24 Kilates. The idea of revisiting some classics signed Ellesse.

Each pair is limited to 150 copies. The distribution of the sneakers will be as

follows: - A store will sell 50 pairs of the model he imagined. - Each store will

have in stock 10 pairs of the sneakers made by the other shops. The Ellesse Fab

Five Heritage will be available from September 15th. I propose you a small review

of the staff: Ellesse 117 x 24 Kilates, the icing on the cake of the Fab Five project

The Ellesse Marathon Harvey Nichols Fab Five is watching you Ellesse Poli x Sneakersnstuff

(SNS) Fab Five, a folkloric collab The Ellesse Assist 1 Heritage Fab Five at Colette

this September 15 The flop of the Fab Five project, the Ellesse The Levanto Grand

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